Animation production

We make spectacular 2D and 3D animation cost-effectively. The key is the animation production.

Presentation with animation

Would you like to present your new product or service, but don’t know how to get started? The best solution is animation production. The public release of a new product or service is always positive for a company as it is a sign of development. But such a situation is also a challenge with many possibilities. The purpose is to somehow present the new product or service to the customer and persuade them to purchase it. Animation production is a good choice if you want to choose a creative way to attract attention. Today, animation is the easiest and most eye-catching way for companies to present their innovations. In this case, any idea can be easily implemented with animation, so you can let your imagination run wild. Advertisements on online surfaces can achieve great results with a small budget.

3D animation

Check out our 3D product test. This video was created for practice, it is not sponsored content.

3D product animation of the new Hilti cutting wheels

3D animation presenting a new product

3D product of the new Hilti grinding wheels

2D animation

This is a short film that presents the services of our partner company, Tukan Hungary.

This is a 2D animation presenting a navigation application.

Promotional video of WordPress website builder template.

The 10 Million Trees is a nationwide community that was established by Iván András Bojár in the summer of 2019. Our local communities operate in a growing number of places, small towns, villages, county towns, capital districts. They prepare, organize, and carry out the planting of the trees and planting of forests.

This is an animated short film presenting the benefits of New Work Serviced Offices.

Safety is first! Our client asked us to present their safety regulations in the area of their plant in a humorous and impressive way.

Our client’s goal is to ensure that all residents in their country have access to original medicines and quality care.

3D animation references in pictures