Video production

We produce professional commercials. We are your partner at every stage of video production, from brainstorming and planning to execution and post-production.

Be present in the online world with videos!

Video production is not only our main business but also our hobby. Each of our projects, whether images, reference videos, or commercials, is characterized by maximalism.

f you want an effective and fast launch, creating video productions and sharing complex movies for the general public is the way to go. A movie can easily represent a business strategy and the quality of a product or service. Choose from different video types according to your purpose.

Image films can be used to profile your company and demonstrate your value. They can also be the most important tool for enhancing your company’s reputation.
Reference films are more focused on the company’s activities, giving you insight into the details of your work and providing a documentary-like impression.
Commercials can be up to 1 minute long and showcase your company’s main activity. While many TV spots used to be memorable through commercials, it is now common to see them on online platforms, reaching a larger audience with higher order volumes.

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video production

Take a look behind the scenes of the video production of commercials!

Preparing a great commercial video production takes a lot of time and energy. Get a behind-the-scenes look at an actual cinematic setting. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos in our gallery to get your next commercial the way you want it. Please contact me. We will listen to your goals. After the professional crew begins brainstorming and decides on the film’s production costs, the professional production process begins.


Campaign film was commissioned by Livlia real estate portal. Its aim is to increase awareness and popularity.

Péter Aranyosi Hungarian comedian invites us to hack in this recruiting video.

Our second film for Livlia real estate portal.

We made a recruiting campaign film for the event of 2020 cyber defense competition. Our goal was to change the stereotype of “hacking in a dark garage” and to convey a humorous and inspiring tone instead. Thanks to Péter Aranyosi, we feel that we reached our goal, it was really a pleasure to work with him. 

This video shows the production technology and was made for Mercedes factory in Kecskemét.

This commercial shows Hilti’s new type of chisel. The product’s main advantage over other similar brands that it is more flexible, so it is more durable. This feature could be best illustrated by an ingenious animation.

Our newest music video for the John von Neumann University in Kecskemét.

Gravic Group is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of die-cutting and printing industry. The purpose of our assignment was to present the high-tech equipment, services and people-oriented thinking of the company. If you are interested in the printing industry, you can find out more about them by clicking here.

Commercial for ATRA Kft. The video was filmed for nearly a year as part of a larger assignment. We’ve put together previous content marketing films into a larger film that shows the company’s entire portfolio.

A short film about the assembly of the 500,000th car.

An introductory short film made for KUKA Hungária Kft

Praise and a little boost for ourselves

Our young team is constantly improving and following the latest trends. From low-budget image video production to high-budget advertising video production, we can meet your needs. Each call is full of ideas and partners to carry out all stages of filmmaking, from ideation to scripting, shooting and post-production. High quality guaranteed.