Product photos

Impress your customers with professional company, portrait and product photos so you can excitingly present the range of your services and the image of your business.

Product photography is one of our specialties. The question you may ask is why is this needed?

Product photography is an integral part of your webshop. In addition, product photography is useful for any promotional materials, such as business presentations and marketing campaigns. Each product photo is typically cut out so that it can be used later in many ways, such as posters, banners, and photos. The better your product photography, the easier it will be to sell what you offer. So, if you sell any type of product and want to showcase your product or company in an attractive way, product photography is the way to go.

It is difficult to give a general price as prices vary depending on whether it is a picture of farm equipment or a shampoo bottle that needs trimming.So please email or call us with your price request.

etel_kompozicio produktfotos, product photos and product photography
product photos produktfotos, product photos and product photography

Product photography is one of our specialties. The question you may ask is why is this needed?

Our photo studio is located in Kecskemét, co-located with our office. In order to achieve the best possible quality using the most suitable studio setup available on site, we generally recommend that our customers send their products to us whenever possible. In some cases, courier delivery is also an option, saving you money and time.


Product photo references

The first contact from Kunsági Éden was to take product photos for their resellers. It is a great achievement that their products are sold in all major retail chains in Japan, and it is a great recognition for us to be asked to photograph their products.

Christmas product photography

For Félegyházi Tej, we took Christmas theme photos of two product families. In the first photo, low-fat products are lined up, which of course could not be missed from the second group photo either – as the main performers of the Christmas table.

We loved this Christmas-themed product photography.

ELGON Hungary

Elgon Hungary is the exclusive national distributor of Elgon in Italy. With hundreds of products available on the Hungarian market, they entrusted us with product photography, a visual extension of their webshop. Required very detailed and precise work. Because the hair also needs to be digital to show its true shade.


Bács-Vet is the exclusive domestic seller of the Spanish-made TAV VETERINARIA products. Their products mostly consist of food supplements and vitamins for pets (cats and dogs). Their main feature is that they contain natural ingredients.

Félegyházi tej

In addition to Christmas photography, Félegyházi Tej also entrusted us with product photography. These product images were created for our online interface and catalog. In most cases, product photos are cropped for use in a variety of ways, including posters, brochures, resellers, social media platforms, and websites.

Product images for Businesses

We also take corporate photos to help showcase your business and product range. These product photos are essential to your look both online and offline. If you want a consistent look, we also offer portrait photography with studio or live backgrounds, whether it’s a business or casual look.